Saturday, October 5, 2013

TIME TO FEED 10/5/2013

Being in a new climate I really don't know the best timing to begin supplemental feeding of the bees.  Given the fact that the hive is light, and the fall season is fast approaching, I decided that now would be a great time to feed.  I added a quart jar of sugar syrup and EOs to the hive today.  The girls weren't too glad to see me, but we managed to get along well enough.  I really wish I would have given them syrup when I hived them, as they would probably be much higher in numbers now, but at least they managed to do well enough to stay alive.  I'll be treating for varroa in the next week or so.  I simply want to get them in as best shape as possible going into winter, and then next spring I'll hopefully be able to split the hive.  I really don't like having only one hive, but I am thankful for the one I do have.  Two is always better - just in case.

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