Sunday, January 20, 2013

In The Dead Of Winter - 1/20/2013

It has been a very cold winter thus far.  Not as much snow on the ground as is usual for this time of year, but very very cold.  With the temps finally nearing 40 degrees, I was finally able to peek into the hives today.  4 out of five hives are alive and well.  The hive that didn't make it had a full block of sugar directly above the cluster, but I am guessing that the sub freezing temps made it impossible for them to move to it.  I am disappointed, but at the same time happy that I still have 4 hives.  It appears that the hive which was aggressive last year, is even more aggressive this year.  I didn't even lift the inner cover and the girls were on high alert.  Needless to say, I put the roof back on and didn't bother to see how much sugar they had left.  Judging by their enthusiastic response, they are probably just fine.  They should have enough sugar to get them through the next month or so after which we will be moving to warm and sunny California.  This should prove to be an exciting adventure.

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