Friday, April 19, 2013

Swarm Season and a New Hive 4/19/2013

A lot has happened over the past several months.  4 out of 5 of my hives survived and are looking strong and ready for a springtime explosion.  Exciting news right?  Well, I had to sell the hives.  We moved to California, and it was looking just a little bit too complicated to get the hives across state line. So here I am in beautiful sunny Cali with flowers blooming everywhere, but with no little nectar collecting insects to call my own.  A bee-less beekeeper is a pitiful sight.  At least I think so.
But behold!  Within the week of our arrival, a swarm landed in the neighbors yard!  Except it was about 35 feet high, right next to the power lines.  Sigh.  Well I scrambled to put a hive or two together, to hopefully entice the cluster to move in, but they did not find my offerings appealing enough. Sigh again.  Now we have been here about a month.  My friend from down the street knocked on the door and told me about another swarm right around the corner.  There was already a beekeeper there, but I went to investigate anyway and offer my assistance.  It didn't take long and she offered the bees to me, since she didn't have enough equipment.  YES!!!  I am a happy beekeeper with bees once again!

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